Our Dementia Diary Irene, Alzheimer's and Me

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"You are lost and I have lost you"

Our Dementia Diary tells the love story of Rachael Dixey and her partner Irene as Irene battled with early-on-set Alzheimer’s.

Irene was in her early fifties when she was diagnosed with early-on-set Alzheimer’s and passed away at the age of 66. Rachael talks about the difficulties of accepting the unexpected diagnosis and the brusque way in which the information was delivered. For Rachael, the doctor’s brisk manner gave her a focus in a sea of uncertainty and confusion as she dealt with the loss of the partner she loved and the future she had imagined.

This beautiful story reveals the face behind the bathroom door that we all paint over before stepping outside. Rachael’s exploration of loss and grief is both heart-warming and tear-provoking. Filled with moments of hilarity, anger and a lot of confusion, Our Dementia Diary is a must read for anyone struggling to cope with the reality of the disease.

Rachael’s story has not only been recorded on paper but also adapted for the stage by the playwright Brian Daniels in his play, Don't Leave me Now

Read Rachael and Irene's Story here

Use the code DP3 to ensure that £3 from every copy is donated to Dementia Pathfinders.

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